Hello lovelies! My name is B, but you can call me anything that starts with a B: Bubah, Boobie, or Bitch if we know each other well enough. Im a twenty something in college, bartending my way through life. Im getting a degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in human sexuality.

I feel like ive lived a pretty wild and crazy life. Filled with many awkward moments and many lessons intertwined in them. Even to this day i feel like i do things that cause me to facepalm and scream, ‘COME ON BIRDII!’ But i think im starting to accept this is just me.

Im pretty vulgar and have no sense of censor. I do not mean to offend, but i probably will. And many of these stories are from my late teens, and though i was that age at the time i am in no way encouraging others of that age group to do what i did. Please, live vicariously through me, but dont try to copy me.

Things may get serious from time to time, but just go with it, there should be at least one good laugh in there… Hopefully.

Enjoy my crazy awkward moments and insights into some strange situations.



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