Some People Just Can’t Hang

A couple of years ago it was my 18th birthday. I was born July 5th, so naturally i go out on the 4th, and celebrate at midnight.

Well this particular year, me and my friend E went downtown around 8pm, but not before having a couple glasses of wine with her and her roommate.

Anyways, by around 10pm, she is completely hammered. Im hanging in there, doing fine, but i can tell she really can’t last much longer.

So being the super amazing responsible friend i am, i pulled her around the block and behind a building, stared at her, and just said, “Throw up.”

She looked so confused. So i said it again.

She finally got it, and she tried for a minute or two then it all came out. I mean it was a waste of like 50$, but there can be no limit on the price to party.

We walk back around the block, back to the main road, and get to partying again. It was awesome. She pulled her shit together, and managed to rally like a champ. I was so proud of her. And when midnight struck, i got us some tequila shots on the house, and we kept the night going until all the bars closed.

I have to say my 18th birthday was my favorite.


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